Wednesday, July 16


The following is something that I have had with me for a while. Sharing it here has been on my to-do list for quite some time to it is empowering to finally be getting it done. It was written in May 2007

In the absence of goals and hopes for the future you may well find yourself floating aimlessly through life without ever getting anywhere or achieving anything. Leaving you much like a blank piece of paper being blown away by the wind.

This beautiful quote was penned by yours truly way back in October 2005. A good 18 months prior to today. The next words are as follows Hence I have decided that I will actively attempt to decide on some goals and then work towards achieving the chosen goals" Obviously that never happened.

While much has occurred since then and life has been amazingly enjoyable there has certainly not been any specific goals that I have set and then actively worked towards achieving!

Now as I sit here in 2008, another 12 months on, I can honestly say that not much has still changed! Sure I still think it is important to have goals, and even though I may have managed to set a few, I don't think it is fair to say I really embraced the notion in the true sense it was intended!

Live and learn hey?

Well at least that is the theory, I seem to have no dramas with the theory side of anything, it is just the practice that I fall short on