Thursday, July 10

The Internet

The Internet has provided the world with a great many things. Ebay, Facebook, and instant access to a vast array of knowledge and information, to name but a few. Then there is the communication aspect and the ability to interact without intimidation. Which is where my discussion brings me today.

Instant messaging has brought to the world free and instant interaction between people despite what ever distance may or may not keep them apart. Families and loved ones can now stay in touch at the press of a button, while new friends are only a click away.

Virtual worlds now exist where strangers and friends can gather together and escape the harsh realities of life. Fantasies can be created and played out from the safety of a keyboard. Seemingly harmless remarks, jokes and comments can be made, their innuendo and true meaning free to fly around cyberspace and unknown to the outside world.

Endless hours are spent 'chatting' without words actually being said. Husbands, wives and children can all be forgotten as the perils of daily life fades away to be replaced with whatever it is that takes your fancy.

So this brings me to the question "Where is the line in the virtual world and how do you know when you have passed it?" For those who have not quite caught my drift yet I am of course referring to cyber sex or even on a lower level cyber flirting.

It easy enough to do and often occurs without much thought. It seems risk free and is not frowned upon nearly as much as cheating in the real world but does this make it ok? There is no physical contact taking place, no penetration or kisses exchanged only words and feelings

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