Sunday, April 28

More Sunday Morning Musings

So here we are again. Sunday morning with not much happening other than large amounts of procrastination. And even that might be delayed in preference to something else. 

Last week I was on the front porch, this week I’m sitting out the back. Turns out the sun shines just a bit to brightly out the front. And while it may be relatively cool right now direct sun contact is a little harsh for extended periods of time.

It’s been a relatively uneventful week I suppose. Thursday was Anzac Day. Mr Awesome and I got up before the crack of dawn to drink out coffee outside, listening to the radio dawn service staring at the beautifully decorated front lawn across the road. Of which I have no photos of because just between you and me the owners are somewhat intimidating and I wanted to avoid any chance of interaction with them. It was such a wonderful display that trying to take sneaky photos of it would not have done it justice.

The starting block of #3’s birthday cake
last month 

Work is going ok still. While I know there is so much I still don’t know, obviously I don’t know what that is though. Thankfully there is quite a bit of support, it is some training that I would really like but I guess it is just a case of on the job learning. 

I finally got the balls to put my leave form in for our family holiday to Darwin next month. I was very upfront about it in the interview however have been too scared to put my leave form in. Which saying it out loud like that sounds stupid because as a 46 year old person I should not be ‘scared’ to put in a form requesting time off for something that was known about before the decision to employ me was even made. 

Changing the subject though, mainly because I was just rudely interrupted by the sudden arrival of child number three (formally known as Teapot). They had unexpectedly shown up to drop a bag off on their way to the shops with their friend.

So moving right along, or not because my train of thought is all over the place. Thankfully my fingers are able to nearly keep up. The wonders of modern technology and being able to use it I guess.

The other night, about eight, I decided to pick up a book the child number one (formally Lovely) had sent me for my birthday last month. Naturally it was never my intention to read the whole thing, after all I had work the following morning with a five am wake up. I was even in bed, so my intentions were clear, I thought I was doing the right thing by being off my phone and devices.

Suddenly though it was a little after eleven. With a little over a hundred pages to go I figured I was as well get to the end now. It was just before one when I read the last word and turned off the light.

That day was longer than most. My eyeballs felt like they were on fire. Surprisingly though I felt incredibly good. I had the idea of a creating a meme that went along the lines of ‘you’ll never regret staying up all night with a book’ I never got the chance to write it down exactly at the time. I can even remember thinking it will be ok, it is such a good line you’ll never forget it. Yet here we are.

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