Saturday, April 20

Mid morning mid autumn morning musing

I was sure I had written this year, not much mind you but at least I thought there was something. I couldn’t really believe that my last words to come out were on Dad’s Dead Day some six months ago. And then I remembered. At the start of the year this journal app just appeared on my phone (and by that I mean it was part of whatever the latest update from Apple was) and started prompting me to write about moments of my day.

No relevance to anything being written about
Just a cool photo of the ocean
taken in Dunsbrough
On my birthday 

Initially I responded instantly. I would stop whatever I was doing and write about whatever it was prompting me to recall. All in all it was pretty cool. Creepy but cool. Sure it was pinging my location and reminding me of phone calls I had had with people but I thought it was great to actually be writing and recording my life again. Diary keeping has always been an on again off again love affair of mine. My lack of regularity and consistency means it is as sporadic as everything else in my life.

Anyway I’m here now and at the end of the day that is all that really matters.

It is mid morning on a mid autumn morning. I am sitting on a couch on my front porch quietly watching the world pass by as I bask in the gently sun’s rays on my lily white, relatively dry and hairy legs. I only noticed this morning how they had mild snake like appearance. But then this morning is the first time in I don’t know how long that I have had the chance to actually sit and notice what is around me.

The new job is going well. I’m at the end of my first month in my own site now. It has been a whirlwind and a half. Of course this little space knows not what I’m talking about as the whole quitting my eight year career and starting a fresh was capture on the above mentioned journaling app on my phone. The one that I stopped responding to when I had a few tough days I didn’t want to relive and couldn’t be bothered. Besides my phone now seems to small and difficult to really express myself on.

The other week I had the brilliant idea of swapping my iPad for Zany’s laptop. She agreed it could be a good deal. I felt that if I had a laptop then I would have no choice but to write and design stuff again. The iPad with the keyboard is not the worst thing to use, but it is no laptop either. Only over the nest few days I realised how that meant I would have to give up playing my game. And I really do love it. Farming, city building and mindless matching 3 colours all combined into one. What more could one as for?!?

Speaking of which I must just about have some lives regrown…

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