Thursday, February 13

Thankful for beautiful people

Thankful Thursday with APL
Two days ago when I was thinking of what I could possibly be thankful for this week I was drawing a blank. Which I can tell you distressed me no end because I of all people know that there is always something to be thankful for. It is one of the reason I so desperately wanted to take on this wonderful, linky.

Thankfully though my moment of not being able to see the thanks was short lived and it wasn't long before I back to my normal thankful self.

Of course getting these beauties helped me no end.

I was thankful not just because I was sent flowers, but thankful that someone in my life thought so much of me they wanted nothing else than to make me smile. Which it did. A lot. Once I got through the tears that such a gorgeous gesture also brought me.

The world really is full of beautiful people and I am thankful for those that have crossed my path in one way or another.

People like Sam. Who today will be completing his journey of a life time. A journey that will not only have changed his life but women everywhere as he courageously endeavoured to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer.

People like Beth. Our paths may not have crossed as such but I am so thankful that her story popped up in my news feed. Beth likes to see herself as a breast cancer preventer rather than survivor. I like to simply just call her awesome. 

People like Jimmy. A young man determined to make a difference. Again someone who I know of through only the power of the web but I am thankful to have stumbled across him. Words can not begin to describe how heartwarming I find it to discover such selfless people who just want to make the world a little bit better in any way they can.

People like Craig. An inspiration to just keep on keeping on and give life all that you have. Yes another person who has crossed my path rather than our paths actually crossing but I am thankful to know of him nonetheless.

There is a part of me that feels this list could almost go on forever, but end it I must so that you can share your thanks as well. Are there beautiful people you are thankful for?

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