Friday, September 20

Things I Know

Hello Knowers and happy Friday!
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The first thing I know this week is that I was beyond excited to see three lovely Knowers come and join in the Things I Know fun last week. I know I would love even more to come and play this week.

I know that in a bid to create some more knowledge about the wonders of Things I Know I will be pimping myself all over the the Internets this weekend. FYBF and Weekend Rewind, I am looking at you. Anyone else know some good weekend linkies?

I know that I am trying very hard not to explode at Mr Awesome (who quite frankly right now is not seen as so awesome by my eyes) when he comes down stairs.

I know that he didn't really mean to delete TreeWorld from my phone. It was all in an effort to get iOs7 on my phone. Because you know clearly the world will stop spinning if you don't update the instant updates are available.

I know that he wasn't really hiding the modem cable from me but instead Lovely. The poor girl is currently consumed with an internet addiction (no idea where she might have got that from) and for her own good (and our sanity) it is best if we just remove temptation sometimes.

I know that typing this out without the distraction of the internet will probably be a whole lot quicker. And I am trying to keep hold of that thought rather than let my frustrations get a hold of me but some things are easier said than done, even when they are right.

I know that the peace and quite that comes with being up well before 6am is worth the early rise.

I know that by lunchtime I may well reconsider that statement.

I know that I don't know how long this post is so far because normally about now I would do a preview (I blog straight into blogger usually none of this draft nonsense for me) and see how it looked. Which is pretty much my basis for whether a post is long enough or not because let's face it, I know I could ramble on forever some days.

I (now) know that it wasn't actually that hard to find the necessary cords to make the modem work again. Turns out I just needed to put some lights on and stop and think about it all for a minute.

I know that I am sorry your links won't have a pretty picture to go with them today. I will try and look into before next week. Turns out the early hours of the morning are not my prime time for figuring things out. Well at least that is the case today.

I know I would love for you to grab the button and share all the things you know.

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