Friday, January 7

So far so good

Well the whole walking and meeting new people went really well. The rain held off, while the black clouds prevented not just the sun's burning rays from coming through but held back a great deal of heat as well. We walked for around an hour and a half, covering nearly 5kms. Just enjoying the beautiful views and wonderful company. There was something quite relaxing aout just chatting with a stranger. I guess it is because you know it won't have to go to deep. It is like a first date where you can wet your toes before diving in.

To really top the morning pleasantries right off we managed to prevent any major children upsets or injuries.

This has left me with a rather good feeling about the meet and greet tomorrow. The only destructive factor is the weather. Which of course is beyond control. I must say though that I am fairly confident that mother nature will play along. After all it is for a good cause.