Wednesday, September 15


A dear friend of mine (I say dear because we have known each other for some 15 years) has a fantastic blog called from Highlights to Housework, it is still only in the early days but has some great posts. The latest of these is about female body image with special concern to mothers.

As a mother of three I am not actually a supermodel. But then I never really thought I was... well not super... I certainly had some sort of model qualities about me in my younger years, not perfection but everything in all the right places if you know what I mean. Which at the end of the day counts for a fair bit.

Since the birth of my third little angel though it has been brought to my attention that I am in actually fact far from the model qualities of my younger years...unless of course there is a new modeling look that resembles a beached whale. This is all rather concerning for me and since it is a relatively new awareness I am not really sure how to deal with it.

Apparently there are a couple of fads going around called diet and exercise perhaps I should give them a the meantime I will just remain in my little bubble of years ago