Monday, January 12

Staircase to the moon (Day 53)

Today we had a shopping spree in Broome. Somehow we manage to go through nearly seven hundred dollars. Sure a great portion of that was on food and but still. My mind boggles at how quickly we can go through the cash at times. Anyone would think it grows on trees or something.

One of the reasons we decided to stay in Broome again rather than just push on through, was so we could witness the staircase to the moon. It is a natural phenomena that happens for three nights a month on the full moon.

As the moon rises up over the water the reflection makes it look there is a staircase you could walk up. Lucky for us one of the best places to view this happen is right next to where we are staying. It is a relatively big event that includes markets and live music and all kinds of things.

With all the dramas of set up yesterday we treated ourselves to dining out at the markets last night. Though really we just ended up spending lots of money and no one feeling properly full. Markets just do that sometimes I guess. We did get a lovely CD from a woman called Laura Hill so I guess all was not lost.

The whole staircase thing was a bit underwhelming though and I was left feeling more disappointed about that than the hungry stomach from the laksa that tasted terrible. On the upside though as we were walking home we came across a much better viewing location to try it all again tonight.

This time however we will be taking our own food. A nice selection of dips, sticks, biscuits and things.

The view tonight was much better than last night however I still failed at being able to capture it perfectly on film. Mind you I still couldn’t help but think I had seen a similar effect at sunset back home.
 photo fwbksignature_zps702ebc7d.jpg

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