Monday, December 7

Remember me?

Can't say I would blame you if the answer was no, after all it has been more than a while since I last posted. But hey that is life and at least I am here now.

I have been toying with the idea of starting a fresh new blog. I feel that Rambles may have become a bit stale and it is certainly disjointed to say the least. The only downside is that starting a new blog is not as easy as it seems. Sure it is just a matter of picking a template and then posting away but I want it to be a more than just your ordinary run of the mill blog. I want it to be something that is worthy of entering in blog competitions. Something that people will actually read and pass on to their friends. Something more than what this attempt has been and that all takes time and effort.

Sure I have the time, in fact I am of the opinion that I have too much time. This is based on the fact that I manage to waste such a great deal of the precious commodity. And without looking for pats on the back (though of course they are more than welcomed) it is the effort and ability that I fear my be my downside.

I guess I should clarify exactly what I mean by ability though. While it is always nice to have one's ego stroked by the hand of another I do actually believe that I have more than ample ability to share words in a manner in which is enlightening, entertaining and even informative. The trick is however in distinguishing what it is that will appeal to the widest audience and then reaching said audience. This is where I feel my ability may be slightly lacking. I have never been a writer that writes purely for myself. I write because I want people to read what ever it is I want to share. If I feel I am not being read then I find the motivation to write somewhat lacking (to say the least).

So my question for today is what can I do to get myself read? What steps (other than increasing the frequency of my writing) can I take to make this an award winning blog? (or even just something that gets read by more people)

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