Wednesday, October 18

Well I'm till trying.

I mean I'm here so that is a start I guess.

The wind is blowing just a little to hard for my liking. It is probably only a strong breeze really, but there is an icy chill to it harshly reminding me just how close to Antartica I am. Which if you are new here I am not actually close to as such just closer than the tropical paradise I grew up in.

It turns out that the novelty of experiencing spring quickly wore off when I discovered that spring doesn't actually just magically appear because the calendar said she should. You would not believe how disappointed I was.

Though the sun is actually shining today so I shouldn't complain too much. Her appearances round here can be a very half hearted effort at times. Can you tell I love the sunshine?

Back in the Territory I just assumed that when the sun got up she always went at full pelt and tried to make it as hot as possible. Give it her all to send as much warmth as possible our way. Turns out down in the South West the sun is a little more lazy.

It's like she goes fine I'll get up and shine but I'm not going to put any energy into.

That's probably all of got for today. The chill is just too much for me to deal with. And besides that I'm starving and I only have 90 minutes before I leave to pick up Lovely, watch Teapot's school assembly and get myself to work. Naturally there are 5 million things I need to do in that time

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