Tuesday, August 31

A new begining

I have been toying with the possibility of starting a new blog for some time now. As with most things in my life though I have put it in either the too hard basket or I will get to it later list. Since I was unable to log into Facebook tonight I have decided to put an end to the thought and make a new blog a reality.

So what will my wonderful new venture entail I hear you ask? Well if the name hasn't quite given it away yet then I am not sure you should even be here. As if there are not already enough thoughts and views on parenting I am now going to add my two cents worth. Well at least that was my initial intention.

When I typed the blog name into the google blog creator I envisaged I would create a whiz bang essential hand guide to parenting. On deeper reflection I now know that will not be the case. Slightly disheartened (can't explain why) I have been unable to write till now. You see I realised that my blog needs to be more than just my point blank opinion of how to raise a child. Sure that at times I need to state my case but I need not fear getting it wrong. After all we learn from mistakes...of course when it comes to raising children there is no real room for mistakes, well at least irreversible ones.

I have in the past shared many of my opinions in regards to the matter of raising children. (Anyone interested can check some of it out here)

So for those that don't know me, and I hope there are many as that would mean lots of new readers, here is a bit of an intro.

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