Sunday, June 15

Success at last

Finally I am able to sit here and say that are few changes have taken place. The dishes are almost under control (providing someone does them from dinner tonight). The back veranda is clean and tidy and shows slight hints of organisation. The dog has also been washed, as has his bed and the washing is slowly decreasing. However now it sits on the couch waiting to be folded. Can't win everything I guess.

I am also very proud to report that this is the third consecutive day of posting, so well done to me! The fact that some may claim that there is a lack of substance to what I have written, is noted but at this point I am choosing to ignore it. Being the ever lasting optimist I can find the slightest sign of good in anything. The fact that I have been able to think (and then actually post) of anything is wonderful, I can work on substance later!