Thursday, March 20

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday with APLThis Thursday I had planned to write my post a little differently. On Sunday  I thought it would be a great idea to write down all my thanks as I came across them, that way come Wednesday night, I wouldn't have to sit staring at a blank screen wondering what to write.

Of course though, my thoughts didn't reach past the thinking stage.

Mind you I also didn't sit staring at a blank screen on Wednesday night wondering what to write. Instead I find myself, blurry eyed Thursday morning trying to come up with something worthy of sharing.

Regular readers would probably be aware that I am currently doing two weeks of full time work. This is the second week and as thankful as I am for the opportunity to earn some extra money I will also be super thankful to just go back to the twenty or so hours I originally signed up for. Yesterday saw me pull and eleven hour day, which is just crazy I can tell you and is the reason why this post didn't get written earlier.

So what am I thankful for this week?

Well, I am thankful that I have just about gotten over my little meltdown about not being nominated for the same stupid competition that every other blogger and their dog seems to have been nominated for. Again. The same thing happened to me last year as well and I was sure that I would have coped better about missing out this year. But no. Turns out my feelings were still slashed to discover I was left out. Again.


One of the things that helped me get over it though was the abundance of comments on my Facebook page on a post I had written about taking the good with the bad. For those of you who missed it I had gone to FB to share my joy in someone adding me to their Twitter Good Writers list. Which in the scheme of things is not necessarily much, just the opinion of one person. Nonetheless it made me feel rather special and left me grinning from ear to ear when I read the notification. To me life really is about the small things some days.

Anyways it was all short lived because when I got to FB I got a notification of a comment left on a photo saying I was pathetic. Suddenly the small things had to stop mattering. As did the opinion of just one person. Thankfully I was able to let it roll of like water on a duck's back. The influx of kind and supportive comments helped with this of course.

I was thankful to see this just when I needed to

Moving on though because as always I do have plenty to be thankful for like

  • having a rather lovely massage on Saturday
  • Mr Awesome purchasing a rather gorgeous Mac Book in preparation for our trip of a lifetime
  • a sleep in Sunday morning
  • McDreamy telling me I no longer have to inject myself because my levels are at the right mark
  • getting paid
  • having dinner under control when I unexpectedly had to work late last night
  • having a hot tradie install a new air conditioner in the girls' bedroom
  • being able to put our clothes in the dryer over night so we have clean uniforms for the next day
  • Mr Awesome totally understanding me making comments about hot tradies and McDreamy
  • cuddles with Teapot
  • actually making it to school early once this week
  • finding the most beautiful birthday card to send to my sister
  • unlocking the safe at work on the first attempt more than once
  • it being Thursday, making tomorrow Friday and the end of the week nigh.
  • all the beautiful bloggers that take the time to be thankful

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