Thursday, May 23

The post that was supposed to be "On Being A Crier" but turned out to be a ramble about Lovely's schooling

Sitting here, warm tears gently rolling down my cheeks, a slight sniffle stuck in my nose, there is no denying that I am a crier. A big fat sucky la-la one at that.

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I have just gotten off the phone with the Assistant Principal from Lovely's school. 

My head hurts and my nose is now snuffy more than sniffy and the tears have all but gone. Leaving behind red puffy eyes that look like they could do with a week of sleep. Or perhaps that is given away by the black bags underneath them. Either way I feel both drained and relieved. 

Hopefully the right thing has been done.

Lovely (formerly Miss 12 because I couldn't think of anything else, until it suddenly dawned on me that Lovely might work, Miss 3 is now Teapot and Miss 6 is still TBC but more on that later) started a new school this year. Middle School if you will. Which is years 7-9. The final years 10-12 are completed at another school which I think is High School but who really knows and right now who really cares? It is hard enough coming to terms with the fact she is no longer in Primary School (Trans-6) But I am digressing.

Last night Lovely told me how she felt about a particular teacher. Without going into all the details now it was not exactly a glowing report. I assured her that today I would call the school and discuss some of what she had brought up, but she needed to remember that it was not always possible to get exactly what you want.

At that stage what she wanted was to change schools or at the very least never have to go to this particular's teacher's classes ever again. Both not the most reasonable of requests given there is a part of me that questions how much the teacher really is at fault.

Don't get me wrong I am not dismissing her claims, but she is a child and she is prone to exaggeration. So all that is said must be taken with a grain of salt, at least till other information is available.

Anyways I am actually quite concerned about her learning. Or rather lack there of. 

Without too much mother bias coming into play, I do believe she is quite a bright child. Sadly though, and perhaps with too much mother honesty she is also incredibly lazy and getting her to do the bare minimum somedays is a mammoth task. 

As someone that often struggles with motivation and procrastination in epic proportions I understand her desire to take the easy way out. Who doesn't want the easy way out? 

As a mother though I know that the easy way out is not always the best option. I know that sometimes hard work and determination are what is needed to get you through. As is doing things you may not necessarily want to or understand why you need to.

I never applied all of myself to my learning and with hindsight I wish I had of. Sure I got good grades but if I had of worked just a little bit harder I could have gotten great grades. At this point Lovely isn't even bring in the good grades.

Naturally I want the most for my girl in life, what mother doesn't? Only I know it does not come down to only me. They need to follow instructions and try their best, give it their all and all that. And that is where the biggest problems are here.

How do you create the love of learning? Or even an interest in learning?

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