Thursday, June 28

Thankful for Mr Awesome

Now I know that I have probably already banged on before about how awesome Mr Awesome is, but he is so awesome I feel the need to bang on some more about it.

Take this for example

Your  eyes,
Your hair.
The sweet smell you leave in the air.

Your smile,
Your look.
All from a kids fairytale book

Your face,
Your skin.
To hide you away would be a sin

So kind,
So sweet.
For you my heart will always beat.

You're a gift from above.
My one and only true sweet love.

I came across it a few weeks ago when I was cleaning up the top cupboard in our bedroom.  Mr Awesome had written for me many moons ago, back before we were married even.  I had totally forgotten all about it till I saw it again.  Though I couldn't recall why he had done so.

Trying to think back I couldn't even pin point when he had written it.  All I knew was that it wasn't for anything like Valentine's Day, a birthday or even an anniversary.  Reluctantly I asked Mr Awesome if he could remember any more about it.  I say reluctantly because when someone (who is far from a lover of literature) writes you a poem like that it is possible a little rude to tell them that you don't remember why they did so.

As it turns out there was no special reason.  It was simply one of those just because things.  Or as Mr Awesome said, "Don't you remember? It was just at that time when we left little notes and stuff for each other."

How could I not be thankful for such a thoughtful, loving and caring man?

Only it is more than all that soppy stuff.  He is also understanding and supportive.  He never comes home and complains about my poor housekeeping or the fact that dinner might consist of a frozen pie with a packet of salad from Woolies.  

On top of that he just knows when I need him most.  He also makes the best hot water bottle I have ever come across.  Snuggling up to him on these cold winters nights of late, warms me no end.

He is my love, my life and I am oh so thankful to be his wife.

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