Thursday, February 2

Thankful Thursday - All Things i

In the dying days of holiday time hubs just insisted that we go and update my phone.  You see for a few months now it has driven him slightly insane that there is not an iPhone 4s in the house.  Hubs, bless him, doesn't like to keep up with the Jones, he likes to be them.  Or at least have way cooler gadgets than anyone else.  To be fair though he does not actually live out this desire nearly as much as he would like and I guess everyone is entitled to have dreams.

Back to my point though.

Around three days before the 4s was released, hubs actually went and upgraded to the relatively recently received iPhone 4.  For the past two years he had been the proud owner of of a 3G but like I said he likes to keep up with the times.  As a result of this upgrade I was handed his old phone.  Which kinda worked well because I was in dire need of a new one.

Originally I had been against all things Apple.  This was based on some crazy notion that I developed based on childhood arguments.  Slowly though as I began to see more and more of the wonders of Apple I am rather pleased to say I was quickly converted.  Even after only being an iPhone user for a few months I was in love.  I knew there was no going back.  I was so thankful to feel like I was part of a rather cool club.

Only my beloved new possession was beginning to show signs of failing.  It took slow to a whole new level.  I could do most things I wanted to, you know like tweet and check Facebook, just, as long as I keep tapping the screen to make sure it didn't time out and go to sleep.

Suddenly it hit me.

What would I do if my phone stopped working?  How could I ever return to an ordinary phone after having experienced the many joys of i?  I shared my fears with hubs, who concurred there was no way I should have to suffer with anything less than the awesomeness that comes with Apple or Androids.

It was about now that I saw a light pop on behind hub's eyes.  He had had an epiphany.

"Let's go to Telstra and get you a phone"

I was torn.

As much as I didn't want to lose the beauty of being an iPhoner I didn't want to cross over to the dark side that is Telstra.  Telstra has plenty of money, I don't see why they need any more of mine than I really need give.  In another lifetime I was a mobile phone retailer.  I started with Telstra but hated the fact to them I was merely just another numbered worker.  Before long the competition came and snaffled me up and I swore never to use Telstra.  Slowly over the years though, I have had to give in, as despite being thieving rascals at times they do offer some services here that no one else does.

Even now I still wonder how hubs managed to convince me.  He must have caught me in a moment of weakness or something.  He is good like that, always working out when I am least likely to say.  I sure am thankful that he did though.

You see the phone is much cooler than I ever expected.  And fast.  Oh so very fast.  Pages open instantly.  I can even actually surf the web, read blogs and what not.  I can even write and post to my own blog.  Though this is not as fail safe as using the computer since I have recently lost not one but two posts this way.  Live and learn though.

The real winner is the voice to typing feature.  I am not sure why but I just love it.  Like seriously love it.  Perhaps it is just the fact that I get to hear the sound of my voice saying something that almost sounds intelligent rather than the usual mum stuff I hear.  Unfortunately the translation isn't quite what I said but you can't win them all.  It is a great exercise in speaking slowly and clearly.

Oh and did I mention Siri?

She also is very cool.  As the Apple site states ask Siri to help you get things done.  Siri will send a text,  dial a number, put something in your calendar, search the web.  If you live in the States she can also give you directions to the nearest restaurant.  Actually that is about the only thing about her that annoys me, the way she tells me she can only search for locations in the US.

Now I know that on the surface this might seem like a sponsored post for Apple.  It's not.  I really do love my new toy.  It has been pivotal to the smooth running of the house so far this week.  It has helped to schedule housework, kids chores, fun times, and much more.  It has kept track of what I wanted to get done and what jobs the kidlets have completed.  It has also kept me off the computer as I have easily been able to check my mail here and there without getting distracted by the wonders of the Internet.  All of that is much to be thankful for.

I am thankful that we are in a position to walk into a shop and walk out with exactly what we wanted.  Without a single drama, hitch or problem.  I don't know why but I had expected it to be full of hassles.

I am thankful that the children have finally realised that I will not give into letting them play on it and finally stopped asking for me to do so.

I am thankful Kate hosts this wonderful meme each week.  It really is one of my favourite posts to write each week for many different reasons.  Head on over and see what others are giving thanks for this week.

What are you thankful for?