Sunday, February 26

I'm Sorry

Image from Yaroslav B

I'm sorry for what's been and done.  
Even though it's all been seen before.
I'm sorry for what I am, where I've gone, 
and all the times I let it go wrong as well.

I'm sorry I'm the way I am.  
What more is there to say?
This is just the way I am.  
The way I tend to be.

I guess you could say, it is, just me.  

I know I say there's a better me...I guess we'll wait and see.
Who's to know and who's to say just what it takes for me to be me.

I'd like to say I try to be my very best, but honestly it is a little less.
But that's ok, I've heard them say, just take it day by day.
Tomorrow is another chance.  A second try to do it all again.
And one that I will take.

For as sorry as I say I am, I'm also not sorry at all.
I love the way I am and who I'm going to be.

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